A life of travel is full of wonder!


I thought the best way of getting started with my blog was to start with one of the things I most enjoy: Traveling!

I left home when I was quite young, initially with the intention of spending a summer away to become more independent and to learn a new language. I guess the experience was too good that I’m still not back yet… It’s not because I don’t miss my family, friends, my dog Tula or Spain in general, of course I do!

I wasn’t even 21 when I moved to Dublin. Even though the city itself architecturally and artistically has a lot left to be desired, it’s like a cocktail mix of cultures from all over the world which is the thing I most love about it!

Dublin city is quite small and the population is over 1.2 million which makes that mixture of cultures even cosier and closer together. Irish people are very friendly, open minded and always up for a party which makes it very appealable for tourists and students from all over the globe!

I have to say that I am quite a people person, I enjoy meeting new people and really I love learning new languages and things from different cultures.

My hunger for traveling has been increasing over the years… I started in a smaller scale, visiting the most common places in Europe. Each place had something very special and it’s funny how here in Europe we are all so close from each other but we are so different! You can never say that a spanish person behaves very similar to a french or to a german for example. I find it fascinating!

Nothing better than having friends from different places to get to know everything about their country and their culture. My favourites in Europe will be Czech Republic and Sweden due to the the friendliness and warmth from the people, even when there was a lack of communication.

Two years ago I decided to make a bigger step and cross the Atlantic, which I literally did…I went to Brazil on a cruise! It took ages to get there but I met lovely people on the way that really helped my initiation with portuguese. If you’ve ever been in Brazil I am sure you will agree that the beauty of the scenery and the people is spectacular! Brazilians won’t be happy to hear this but Argentina is not far behind and so is Paraguay!


My experience in Brazil astonished me and made my curiosity grow bigger and realised how much I wanted to have the same experience in many other places around world! I had the amazing opportunity to visit Incredible India and South Africa after this big trip but I won’t give away everything in my first post.

I just hope you all enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing and I hope I made you check on Skyscanner for your favourite next destination, because I am!

3 thoughts on “A life of travel is full of wonder!

  1. What a lovely blog Isa. Your words are a true inspiration to all of those who are in love with the world and the little things, at the end its what really matters, the little things.
    Keep us all amazed with your words, bring it on.
    Cheers :))

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