Valeu Brasil!

I´ve got lost counting all the reasons why people should visit Brazil at least once in their lives, so I am just going to give you a little teaser…It´s not just the place, it´s the PEOPLE what makes it an incredible paradise.

When we are planning a holiday, we are always looking for astonishing beaches, beautiful mountains, big lakes and rivers, historic spots, culturally and gastronomically rich spots, etc… What if, could have it all in one place?

Brazil gathers all beauties that exist in this world. In therms of nature for example, you have got…

…the best beaches…(Copacabana)

Rio praia

…the most amazing rivers…(Amazonas)

An aerial view of the Isiboro Secure indigenous territory and national park, known by its Spanish acronym TIPNIS, in Beni September 16, 2011. Bolivian President Evo Morales is facing strong resistance from within his indigenous support base over government plans to build a 185-mile wide (300 km) highway through the Amazon forest. The $420 million road, to be built by Brazilian company OAS and largely financed by Brasilia, will link the Amazon plains of Beni to Chapare, a sparsely populated region where Morales began his political career as leader of the coca farmers.  REUTERS/Daniel Caballero/Bolivian Presidency/Handout (BOLIVIA - Tags: POLITICS AGRICULTURE ENVIRONMENT) FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY. NOT FOR SALE FOR MARKETING OR ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS. THIS IMAGE HAS BEEN SUPPLIED BY A THIRD PARTY. IT IS DISTRIBUTED, EXACTLY AS RECEIVED BY REUTERS, AS A SERVICE TO CLIENTS - RTR2RF8R

(Photo : REUTERS/Daniel Caballero/Bolivian Presidency/Handout)

…incredible waterfalls… (Foz do Iguaçu)


…indescriptible Natural Reserves… (Fernando de Noronha)


Or like Bonito, or like Morro de São Paulo, or like Paraty, or like Ubatuba, or like Serra do Cipó…this list NEVER ends.

On the cultural side, as it´s a huge country with an amazing mixture of races. Each region has its own characteristics and they are completely different from each other. For example the north, where the heat is almost unbearable, people are more chilled out and relaxed than in the south where everything happens quite rapidly.

Musically speaking…RHYTHM IS IN THEIR BLOOD STREAM! This phenomenon happens thanks to all their ancestors, which are a real mix many cultures: Brazilian natives with african slaves, with the Portuguese criminals that were exiled and also with Japanese and Europeans that were brought to work on the coffee plantations.

This unique mixture created so many different types of rhythms and styles: Afoxê, Arrocha, Axé, Batala, Bossa Nova, Brazilian Rock, Brega, Capoeira, Choro, Forró, Funk, Lambada, Maracatú, Sertanejo, Pagode, Samba, Samba Rock, and many more…

Brazilian music draws a smile on my face, it makes my hips and feet dance and my good mood is raised up to it maximum capacity, you should experience it yourself, if you have never done it before:

But the thing I most love about Brazilians, apart from their juicy fruits and tasty caipirinhas, is how welcoming they are to everyone that comes into their lives and the way they celebrate. Carnaval for example; an explosion of colors, good vibes, music and people dancing and making out!

Life is though in Brazil, there is a huge difference in between social classes, there is a lot of corruption, money is badly distributed, taxes are extremely high…and the worst is: It´s a country full of resources, controlled by the wrong people. This creates general frustration which generates a lot of violence, and this violence divides more and more the brazilian society.

When things get difficult in life, is when start appreciating its real value, and I think thats why brazilians enjoy life the way they do it. Therefore, they make the most out of every situation.

I personally love simple and humble places as I believe is where the real beauty remains.

I have been in Brazil three times already (30 more to come) and each time its people and its places teach me how to give real value to life.

How many times have you been? 😉

Big thank you to everyone that made my visits to Brazil so so special!


3 thoughts on “Valeu Brasil!

    • Eu que agradeço o comentário Rico, estou desejando voltar e fazer uma visita ae, mas de momento o trabalho demanda muito e não da pra ir, mas se vcs puderem lembra que tem casa e muito carinho aqui para a familia toda 🙂 um beijo

  1. Hi there! Well I’m very fond of the way you live the life ! You make friends easily, you’re always with a smile on your face. I’m not sure If you recall but we met at an English School recruitment, a training process ! I was lucky to meet such a wonderful person ! Hope I see u somewhere Someday ! Regards.

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