Ambulate Metamorphosis

Those who live not caring about what others think, but LIVE for others…this is for you.

I’ve been writing about traveling and passions in life. That’s why I’m now writing about the most important trip in our lives: WHO AM I? and WHAT AM I DOING HERE? Knowing and learning about ourselves is something fascinating and not an easy task.

I believe we are not always the same person, different moments and circumstances obligate us to adapt ourselves to our present and to our environment. At the end, we all follow a similar pattern, or a personal “guideline” of how we are, our potentials and our limitations, that we need to learn to construct through experiences and time.

We are WHAT and HOW we live
Since we are born, our personalities are form alike the people that surround us and we follow their behaviors; As a child, our family personalities, manners and expressions start shaping us. As teenagers our friends and environment are the key to start configurating who we will want to be, as its when we start thinking for ourselves and making our own decisions. But not because of that, those who have had a difficult teen years, are going to be (sorry for the expression) “fucked up” for the rest of their lives and the other way around as well, easy adolescence, does not mean, easier growing up process.

Become an adult and suffer the whole consequences of our acts, is when we learn to know who we really are and what we are capable of.

I am very lucky to have and have had amazing people in my life who have helped me towards getting to know and love myself, to take an advantage of my strengths and learn and improve my weaknesses.

What could be the starting point if you think you don’t really know yourself? I would start finding out what kind of person I think I am and asking the closest people to me, if they agree with my idea of myself.

After meeting a lot of people, I realized I can categorize all of them with a similar type of personality. Some sane, some normal and some insane ones but, with the same pattern. And so, I must follow one type too.


Read this article about the Enneagram of Personality, discover who you are, and ask around what type of person think you are.

Knowing my type and the role that most characterizes me, really helped me towards who I think I am, and the perception I give as a person to others.

BUT, I will not always think and act the same way. I am still enjoying and taking an advantage of the opportunity that life has given me. LEARN AND KEEP LEARNING: be curious and surround yourself with people that ADD things into your life, and be ready to learn from them and “metamorphose” every time is required to become a better person.

Sometimes we come across the question that humans have been wondering since our existence: What is the meaning/purpose of my life? 

Well, when you have the answer to this, please send my a private message and let me know how you did it! hahaha!

For the moment I keep it simple. My goal in life is to make laugh and happy the people I love the most.

I dedicate this article to my special people that are there still helping me to metamorphose myself and to reach this goal. Thank you.

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