Let your false idea of love go

“A song comes up and suddenly you jump onto my head again… They say that sights, sounds and smells can evoke emotionally charged memories. Memories I admit I’ve been so long attached to, and didn’t seem to fade over time.”

There are people, like myself or the famous english singer Adele that, for different reasons, have a part of them stuck in their past and live in the shadow of old moments and feelings. If you are one of those, I hope this article helps you moving forward, save you some time, and most important: I hope it makes you realize how wonderful YOU are independently and acknowledge all the amazing things you have around.

Here, some may think “There’s nothing or nobody as amazing in my present” and that’s the first lie we make to ourselves. We think we depend on other people to be happy but the truth is: We do not depend on anybody to reach our own well being. 

And to truly be happy with someone else you should be happy with yourself first. Each day we have the opportunity to learn and experience everything we want; we are so lucky to have a world filled with choices, within the reach of our hands and for that reason is a waste of time to be clung in a false idea of happiness.

I love this video as it helps me explaining well this article. This girl is carrying her big heart around waiting for someone to notice her and love her. One guy seems to be interested but, as soon as he sees that she has a huge heart, he gets scared.

We are not used to see big hearted people. We all live in a self bubble and when something isn’t difficult or a challenge, we lose interest on it. And this, unfortunately happens to all of us.

Thanks to a mix of globalization, comfortness, high technology and non written rules of society, we have gotten used to obtaining things so easily, which blinds us til the point of not realizing and appreciating all the cool things we have. And we have forgotten to enjoy the simplest things in life.

Wouldn’t it be sad if the girl’s heart didn’t grow big again?

Well.. that’s exactly what happened to me. I was depending on other people to let my heart grow big. My heart was growing and shrinking repeatedly. Then, when my heart was the biggest, filled with fake “Hollywood ideas of love”, reality came leaving my heart the smallest it has ever been.

We have grown up with unrealistic concepts of love made by materialistic dreams and dramas. So I was lost searching for that supposed happiness and self fulfillness, I though I deserved to get from others.

It has taken me so long to realize that, not only, I AM the only person that can really fill own my heart up, but also that, what I really missed, wasn’t the person I was with, but yes the feeling of having that big heart again.

Since then, I’ve been filling it up thanks to these two simple steps:

1. Making my own design of life, following what my heart dictates and doing what I really love, like in this picture I took when reaching the Machu Picchu after the 5 day Salkantay trek .


2. Understanding what Love really is: 

Love as the songs says, is a doing word. Love is compromise, a compromise we should make for someone that really worths it.

Love is caring, it’s understanding, it’s being able to make sacrifices, it’s being ready to invest all that it takes to make a relationship work and most important, it should be unconditional.

Love isn’t only excitement and thrill in life and we’re too blinded by the thrill of adventure.


I hope you liked this article and if you wanna now more of why modern relationships are falling apart so easily I recommend you to read this amazing article which gave me a lot of inspiration.

All the best, Isa

2 thoughts on “Let your false idea of love go

  1. Words filled with life. Life stories, like the ones when we open our eyes in the morning and just smile, why? because we are alive and grateful for another opportunity to enjoy and amazing or horrible day, its your choice. Our time is limited, living with no regrets is truly important, make the most of our ordinary extraordinary life is what counts at the end of the day.
    Your words are true inspiration Isa, thank you so much!

  2. Omg, I’m glad I ran into this. You said it all. We aint need nobody else to achieve happiness. Happiness is a matter of choice and there’s no way of being happy with someone without being happy with yourself First. Great !

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