Inexplicable human priorities

I understand the world less and less. Maybe the fact that its friday night, I am tired and it’s pissing rain outside, doesn’t help either, but in a way it gives me the strenght to complain a bit more.

I don’t think it’s right to be moaning all the time, but sometimes its necessary to take all your dissapointments out of your system. So today is my complaining day, in general. I’m tired of todays society and I’m like this little girl bellow watching people pass by…

As there are so many things I am not happy with, that I don’t even know where to start. And the worst is that I cannot do anything about anything so, I become part of the problem.

I guess I could start with the one I hate the most: ignorance, pointing to all those individuals who deliberately ignore or disregard important information or facts: actual climate change, all the different wars are suffering some countries, human exploitation, poverty…

I am going to start throwing subjecs as they pop up into my head so don’t try to find any relation in between them.

Would you know how many countries are in war at the moment? Difficult right? I don’t even know myself how many there are, but here you can find a list of the 22 conflicts around the globe that threaten to erupt into major military standoff.

I’ve also found this interesting Global Conflict Tracker

And hat about the denied socialism crisis in Venezuela? Its not only about political issues, Venezuela’s economic crisis is marked by soaring inflation and shortages of food, medical supplies, and staples like toilet paper and soap. The government’s strict price controls, which were meant to keep basic goods affordable for the country’s poor, are partly to blame. Many manufacturers in the country cut production due to limits on what they could charge for their goods. Crazy right?

What comes with all these is violence, anger, poverty, frustration, desperation, death…

Did you know that rhyno’s horn and ivory from elephant’s tusks Markets have killed millions of these especies…in general poaching and lack of animals habitat is making our wild animals decrease in frighting numbers. Here are some pictures I took in one of my trips to South Africa of these two amazing animals.


Don’t think because I am writing this, I know everything that is happening around the world. I am not trying to be arrogant, in a way I am also an ignorant who tries and loves to investigate whats happening around and who likes to talk about all these kind of matters. Unfortunately I don’t usually find people to discuss them with.

Changing the subject again. Climate Change? Some prefer to believe that is a lie…or that is part of a earth life circle that happens every x years and then look somewhere else not caring that is our lives and our animals who are in risk.

Recently I took a trip to Iceland, which I believe is one of the most beautiful countries I have ever been, and I there I realized I was also part of this problem. I wanted to go to the biggest glacier in Europe, so we went to see it, and one of the many activities to do around was: visit a glacier cave, which it was amazing, our tour guide who was in love with glaciers, taught us a lot about them: “Glaciers are quickly retreating” he said while he was digging into the ice making us confortable steps to access the cave…


Recycling? What’s that? The amount of people that don’t know how to separate their waste… or worst, they don’t even care or want to make the efford of learning how to. And then when I talk about it I hear excuses like “the big corporates are the ones that should make the change, not us” or “even though you recycle, the recycling companies don’t” I hope those statements make them feel better about themselves, I don’t I Prefer to be the change, without handing that responsability over.

This is what I’ve experience in India and what happens when the environtment isn’t well looked after:


ZERO WASTE LIFE ITS POSSIBLE! It’s not easy and I would say almost impossible to have a 100% zero waste life, but I fully believe that we should do and it is very important that we do everything we can to make less waste and change some bad habits.

Never buy plastic water bottles, always bring your flask with you, the same with coffee disposable cups, get yourself a reusable coffee cup and help the environment.

Coffee pods? Here you will find 5 sustainable alternatives to Coffee Pods.

You can get a fancy wheel shopping trolley with a nice cloth/fabric bag to put all your fruit and veg in it instead on individual plastic bags on our usual shopping.

The following level of reducing your waste is including in your trolley lunch boxes to ask for example the butchers to put in them all the meat you purchase instead of wrapping it up in plastics.

If a dog can do it, I bet you can!

I know it’s much more fun to talk about the concert you are heading on Saturday night, or to speak about where you bought the dress you are wearing today but I really believe life is not only about joy.  The most balanced and healthiest persons I’ve ever met are most times happy, satisfied, serious and professional when they have to be, reflective to matters that needed to be discussed and many times upset. We should learn from every feeling we experience and be curious about what is really happening in the world and what can we do to make it a better place. Even tho you think it won’t make a difference, I am sure it will so choose well your priorities in life, I know perfectly know mines.

Thanks for reading this,


One thought on “Inexplicable human priorities

  1. Una ensalá bien aliñá has dejado morena!
    Pensaba cuando he acabado de leerlo que todo empieza y acaba en el amor…
    Si no somos capaces de preocuparnos por la desigualdad social que crece por momentos o cada día hacemos más difícil mantener una pareja. .. de verdad podemos mirar con compasión algo ‘tan lejano’ como a los animales o las plantas o el océano?
    Amar mucho a los que están cerca…esa es mi propuesta para empezad el cambio!
    Ahí lo llevas!

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